Watercolour World with Miriam Ruberl

4th Thursday each month starting February 28th

Before the invention of colour photography, watercolours in little blocks of naturally occurring hand-ground minerals in paintboxes were taken by artists into the field to “note” the colours they saw, as guides in their oil painting rendition of the “actual” work. Constable used incredibly tiny notebooks for the purpose.

Watercolours have matured into fully fledged artists’ materials, available in pans and later tubes, dry pigments, pencils, blocks, inks, gouaches, Chinese pigments, and more. Many available pigments are synthetic or “manufactured”, with attendant consequences. The key element all have in common is water as their “spreading”, or revealing, agent.

The other element they have in common is the range of papers traditionally used to support the pigments, and this too has expanded with modern artists to include canvasses and clothes of various types. Add to this the many brushes, mediums and “effects” available both commercially and in everyday household goods, as well as less commonly used materials such as metallic pigments and metallic leaf, even shellacs and other varnishes, and the possibilities are literally only limited by our imaginations – and preconceptions.

These 10 sessions will visit every conceivable aspect of watercolours in their many available forms known to the tutor. Most of our session time will be spent doing, the “theory” (eg colour theory, colour mixing, washes, perspective, paper stretching, the various ideas of cultures as to the elements of art and beauty, mark making etc) and traditions will be visited when relevant. While each session will have a focus, which will grow out of the previous session (details of which will be published in the monthly newsletter), the series is designed to develop your skills and techniques over time and build on each other, providing you with a certificate of completion, and the knowledge that you have fully explored watercolour mediums and know how to handle them, may be even choose to teach others!

Subjects and objects used to explore and learn techniques and use of the mediums eg skies, clouds, rain, sun, moon, stars, mist, water, droplets, rocks, sands, trees, plants, flowers, animals, people, skin tones, buildings, machinery, rust, mould, fence lines, glass, reflections, clothing, etc, will be included based entirely on the interests of group members. If no one wants to learn about depth / perspective, we will not!!

Everybody can truly experience the deep satisfactions and joys of being wizards and alchemists when painting with coloured pigments and water. The secret is to devote regular time to systematically unravelling their gifts, along with some “what if’s” a lot of “how did I do that??!”, and structured practise, as well as benefit from the varied, individual responses of each group member, greatly expanding your own possibilities and repertoire in the process with huge learning time savings. My aim is to convey the never-ending excitement and versatility of watercolours, and enhance the confidence and joy with which you engage with them to materialise the art your heart calls you to make.

Beginners and seasoned painters are equally welcome and catered for – the journey is endless in its possibilities!

Materials: lists will be supplied session by session. For the first session, bring everything you have on hand. I will bring a supply of essentials, some on loan and some available for purchase, for new people.

Group size: 10 maximum

Dates: 4th Thursday each month starting February 28th

28 Feb, 28 March, 25 April, 23 May, 27 June, 25 July, 22 August, 26 September, 24 October, 28 November

Time: 1-4pm

Session costs:
Single session $45 payable to Tauranga Arts Society 1 week before session date
10 sessions $400, payable by 20 February.

PLUS: priority booking option and favourable costing for participants for Passionate Pursuits Ohope Residential Painting Trip : 15-17 October 2019 inclusive

Miriam Ruberl, experimental artist

Drawing from Life – Drawing with Imagination, with Carol Bissett

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 9:30 – 12:30

At Tauranga Society of Artists, $95 inc model fee

Carol moved from the UK in 1988 and has taught in a variety of Visual Art programs at Tertiary and community levels across New Zealand and Australia.

Carol has post graduate qualifications (M.A. in Fine Art & Art Education), along with a post graduate Teaching qualification.

With a long history of teaching people from many different age groups and abilities; she aims to present exciting challenges and to encourage exploration of a variety of Contemporary approaches to making Art.

Her workshops are professional, energizing and rewarding as she pushes the boundaries of your Art making processes through a continuous state of development.

As a fully qualified, teacher and practicing artist, Carol enjoys working with people with a sense of humour, who enjoy being part of a vibrant group.

TWO x half day workshops at the TSA Art Rooms tutored by Carol Bisset.

Day one is working with the model, day two is a continuation without the model but exploring a range of drawing methods and ways to create new images from your existing works.

DAY ONE Sat 30th March 9.30-12.30

Drawing from Life (model).
• Gain confidence in your ability to record what you see accurately.
• Discover new approaches to drawing and mark making.
• Free up your hand and mind when drawing
• Be experimental and playful and be aware of your ‘inner critic’
• Explore your materials and make them work for you.

DAY TWO Sunday 31st March, 9.30-12.30

Drawing with Imagination.
• Working back into and extending your life drawings through story telling.
• Learning to make visual connections within new works.
• Looking at ways to extend and energize your mark making to create tone and depth in a work.
• Putting something of yourself into a drawing (your ideas, your feelings).
• Playing with composition and scale in a work.

No previous experience required.
Students must be 18yrs +
A materials list will be supplied upon enrolment and payment prior to the start of the workshop.
To secure a place full payment must be made, limited numbers apply.
The model fee is included in the workshop fee of $95 PER PERSON for the two half days.

Please fill in your details on the attached form by 28th February to ensure you are in the workshop. You will be sent a Registration Form to complete. Please email me as well Thanks Mary McTavish


Mixed Media Workshop with Miriam Ruberl

April 6th and 7th 9.30am – 4.30pm
Mixed media is exactly what it says: putting together more than one medium in one piece of work. The scope is unlimited, and the opportunities for exploration and innovation wide open. The range of commercially successful artists who work in mixed media is surprising extensive and versatile approach.

Miriam Ruberl Mixed Media Workshop Flyer


Weekend Workshop in Oils with Robin Watchorn

13th and 14th of April


Playing with and the magic of colour Art Workshop with Robin Watchorn

9:30am – 3:30pm 2 day charge; $300 per person all inclusive.

That is: All materials and brushes, knives, canvases, including table easels provided. 4 canvases provided which you will complete in the two days. What to bring? Just, your own lunch tea, coffee etc provided. This a fun colourful workshop.

Do you love colour, excitement and energy? Well, you are in for a treat when you join with Robyn Watchorn in one of her workshops.

Over the years Robyn Watchorn has been involved in the Arts and Crafts in a number of different mediums and disciplines, including pottery, ceramics, jewellery, lapidary, silk painting, china painting, 3 dimensional glass painting, pergamano parchment craft, pastels, acrylics and oils and is always on the lookout for a new art adventure. Oils are now her favourite medium. Robyn said that it has always been fantastic being able to share with others her love of colours, form and design, through experimentation, teaching, exhibiting and motivating others to give it a go. Having no formal training she has, as most budding artists, attended various courses enjoying each new skill or hints that tutors so generously have shared. Recently she has enjoyed both tutoring and painting with members of both Te Puke and Whakatane Societies and artists in general.

Having been selected with her abstract works for the Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards 6 times she has also been guest exhibitor in Rotorua and was part of a cultural exchange in the city of Kanazawa, Japan. Robyn said that once you have been bitten by the art bug nothing is ever the same again. You see colour, form, style, design, composition, excitement, energy and whatever else is exciting in life in everything around you. The opportunity to interpret and create from that, whilst giving others as well as yourself pleasure is a constant reward.

Robyn’s artistic journey has woven its’ way through realism, landscapes, animals and abstract, however at the moment it is all about colour, the enjoyment of oils and wielding her versatile palette / painting knife and shapers.

Please fill in your details on the attached form by 20th March to ensure you are in the workshop. You will be sent a Registration Form to complete.

Seascapes in Acrylics using a limited Palette with Muriel Gartland 




18th & 19th May

9.30 – 3.30 pm 2 day charge: $140 per person


Muriel Gartland from New South Wales will be our tutor for this exciting workshop.  Learn how to paint seascapes using a limited palette to achieve vibrant harmonious effects with a ‘wow’ factor.  This step by step method will be valuable for the less experienced artist to gain confidence with colour mixing and will suit the more experienced artist as a refresher to take their work to the next level.

Muriel is an experienced artist having gained valuable knowledge over the last 35 years attending regular workshops with her initial training in Sydney at top art schools.  Now retired she still teaches art with her students becoming confident painters who now exhibit their work.

Muriel will generously share her knowledge and ensure each participant received valuable one on one time throughout the workshop.

Requirements for the workshop:

PAINTS Pthalo Blue, Pthalo Green, Lemon Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light, Napthol Crimson or Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Burnt sienna, White, Black.


EXTRAS Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Mid.


BRUSHES Flat nylon or bristle brushes sizes 6.8.12.  Rigger No 2 or 4.  Large 2″ brush for background work

BOARDS Medium size, landscape profile

PAPER Large A3 Cartridge, 3 sheets or pad.

Ruler, 2H pencil and 1 orange chalk.

Gesso, Gloss Medium and Impasto Gel.  Containers for water, cloths, apron.  Notebook.

Lunch – tea and coffee provided

One Day Workshop using Encaustic Techniques with Lynne Dara

Saturday June 1

Lynne is an experimental abstract painter. She has exhibited in many exhibitions since 1976 including George Harrison Orange Festival Exhibition twice between 1976 and 1980. She also exhibited in the Waikato Museum Woman’s Suffrage Centenary exhibition and had a solo exhibition of watercolour and pottery figure work in the Hamilton Gallery. She has painted with egg tempera and watercolour while travelling in England and explored acrylic and oils.

She currently exhibits in the Tauranga Society of Artists yearly exhibitions. Her work sells in New Zealand and Overseas. Lynne is currently working with oil and bees wax mediums and painting abstract forms that focus on nature’s colours.

The Course

Lynne is offering a one day course to introduce you to the beauty and joy of working with hot bees wax medium, or encaustics as the ancients called this method.

The day will include an explanation about how to prepare and use hot bees wax coloured with oil paint. You will work with small boards to produce several pieces of encaustic art and in the process learn the basics of this method. This is a spontaneous method so you don’t have to prepare, or pre-think about what you will paint. Lynne will encourage you to just enjoy the wax and see what emerges. \

This course involves melting wax medium in fry pans, mixing the colour into the melted wax and by using a certain application, applying the melted wax to boards to create a finished piece of art , or several, to take home with you. You will also be using a heat gun to fuse the wax layers. This is both an informative and a hands on process. Sound like an adventure???

The Cost

This course will cost $160.00 per person which includes all equipment.
Wax, oils, fry pans, boards and fuse guns, rubber gloves and brushes will all be supplied for your use.
9am until 4pm.
Limited to 8 people.

Please bring.
Cover for your clothes. This is a messy business.
Paper towels.
Oil paints if you have them.
Caring for your Encaustic painting.

Encaustic (burn in) paintings in wax and pigments have survived since 800 B.C.
They retain their colours and form if cared for like any other piece of art.
If frozen the wax may crack and leave the ground it is painted on. You will be frozen too.
If heated above 150 degrees it will melt. If this happens your house is probably on fire.
If scratched the artist can mend it.

Please fill in your details on this form by 13th May to ensure you are in the workshop. You will be sent a Registration form to complete. Please email me as well Thanks Mary McTavish