Riverscape in Oils with Paul Coney

24th August 2019  – 1 day  9 am to 4 pm – max 12 people

Although starting as a Watercolourist, Paul Coney has developed into an exceptional painter of large-scale Oils in more recent times. His subject matter covers the spectrum from Floral, Floral Landscape, Figurative and general Landscape to very large brilliantly executed Wave Studies and Seascapes, often incorporating figures and wildlife into these major works that exude mood, character and capture the ever-changing beauty of the sea and its environs…

Paul Coney Expressions of Interest

Watercolour World with Miriam Ruberl

4th Thursday each month starting February 28th

Single session $45 payable to Tauranga Arts Society 1 week before session date

Before the invention of colour photography, watercolours in little blocks of naturally occurring hand-ground minerals in paintboxes were taken by artists into the field to “note” the colours they saw, as guides in their oil painting rendition of the “actual” work. Constable used incredibly tiny notebooks for the purpose.

Miriam Ruberl Water Colour World more information…

Mixed Media Workshop with Miriam Ruberl

To be rescheduled later in the year

Mixed media is exactly what it says: putting together more than one medium in one piece of work. The scope is unlimited, and the opportunities for exploration and innovation wide open. The range of commercially successful artists who work in mixed media is surprising extensive and versatile approach.

Miriam Ruberl Mixed Media Workshop more information..

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