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In the 1960’s Tauranga had one organization named the Tauranga Art Society which comprised several individual art and craft groups.  The Sketch Club was formed in 1962.  By 1963 it had about 10 members who met weekly in the Tauranga Art Society premises in Elizabeth Street.  Membership was limited to 24.  In 1970 the Sketch Club became the Sketch & Painting Club.

In 1973 the Art Society premises had to close as the building was relocated to the Historic Village.  Homeless, the Tauranga District Council made available premises in Wharf Street, previously two Council flats.  Fundraising efforts converted them into a suitable Arts venue which opened in March 1974.  The Society’s activities were extended to include Wednesday evening sessions.

Later, the Wharf Street area was needed for development and so homeless again, the artists met in local halls while negotiating for a new home.  That home became the Arts & Crafts Centre at 177 Elizabeth Street, which arose from the purchase and relocation of a group of buildings from the Building Display Centre on Waihi Road.

In 1979 the Sketch & Painting Club changed its name to the Tauranga Society of Artists to encompass a wider range of non-painting artists who might become members.  Incorporated Society status was granted in March 1980.

In 2003, the Tauranga Society of Artists Inc. purchased the Credit Union Building on its site at 171A Elizabeth Street, made possible as a result of many years of dedicated work and fundraising by members.  The new Society Rooms, which were officially opened on 6th December 2003 with much celebration and sense of achievement, are now being utilized throughout the week.  Our main meeting room has been enlarged by removing an internal wall giving us much more space for workshops, etc .

Old rooms
Former rooms shared with other clubs
New rooms
New rooms owned by the Society

Past Presidents of the Society:

1974-75 M. Martin 1998-1999 B Torr
1976 J. Lushington 2000 M Pattinson
1977-78 J. Gray 2001 B Walls
1979-80 H. Denson 2002-2003 M Ruberl
1981-82 B. Wilson 2004-2005 Joan Lushington
1983-84 B. Narbey 2006-2007 Georgina Don
1985-86 M. Gomez 2008-2009 Val Donkervoort
1987-1988 M. Pattinson 2010-2011 Doreen Watson
1989 M. Martin 2012 none
1990-1991 P. Ward 2013 Mary McTavish
1992-1993 M. Pattinson 2014 Mary McTavish
1994-1995 B. Walls 2015 Mary McTavish
1996-1997 A Crawford 2016 Mary McTavish

(No records available prior to 1974)




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